Turning the Pages: Part 2

Last time I spoke about how alone I have felt, how I came to a point of wanting to end it all because I didn’t know where I stood in my own life, and of course that is hard for … Continue reading

Complicated emotions & thoughts; Welcome to my life.

–  I decided to throw my emotions into a document and this what I’ve come up with, its really hard for me to explain myself anymore with all these things I am feeling while being weened off an anti-depressant and going … Continue reading

This First Day; Not So Great.

Today was my first day of the out patient program I voluntarily put myself into, and my goodness was it a hard day for me, even though I probably looked fine to those around me in the group I was … Continue reading

My Reality

(May 4th, 2015) “You would be on medication young, young child out bursts, teenage rage & pain, sickness and still going through it all till the end. Both hating the world for what it was, for what it is. We … Continue reading

Eating Disorder Tag + More (My 1st YouTube Channel)

Hey Guys!, Today’s post will be short and sweet, I am here to let you know I have recently made a new youtube video, hopefully some more to come along my recovery or what ever I decide to tape. Enjoy, … Continue reading

A million dreams

I haven’t blogged in a very long time, and I am really not to sure why, I am usually not one to open myself up to the world around me, I enjoy hiding in my little one bedroom apartment but I felt like sharing a piece that I wrote and I don’t care if you judge me anymore.

“I think there is one question we all need to ask ourselves, “Do we love ourselves?”, would we love someone like us? What if we come to a point in our lives that we say we wouldn’t even love someone like ourselves, how do we begin to change when we are so use to what we’ve become and would you rather be alone forever or change so one day you can fall in love.

I wouldn’t love someone like me, I’m sad, I’m anxious, I’m scared and I care far to much, I have a fantasy dream of being in love that will I will never meet. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because I’m just a pisces with a million dreams that will never come true, and maybe I am just learning to accept the reality of this now. “