Experiencing the real me: Week 7

The greatest feeling I’ve felt in years is the feeling of being healthy, in control, and happy. I am now in week 7 of my recovery and its been a hard but a beautiful journey even over these few weeks, … Continue reading

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable

Photo Credit: John Woods

https://shar.es/1rXPfP <– link to the Winnipeg Free Press article

Today is the day I was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press , Today is a special day specifically because of this, because after almost 13 years of battling I have allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to allow the world to see exactly what my battles are, and here is hoping that this not only helps me to fight harder but help those who are far to afraid to speak of their own battles because “ED” always wants us to keep it quiet.

There comes a time in everyones life where we either give up or go hard, I decided to go hard because there was no point in giving up anymore when I already had tried to do that and survived it, so the only step I had next was becoming a better person, a stronger person and opening myself up to the world around me.

I hope that with this article coming to light I can gather enough support and be able to fight for those who feel like you will just die because it feels never ending, 3 more weeks and I will be in program and I will beat this because I have amazing people like you.

https://shar.es/1rXPfP <– link to the Winnipeg Free Press article

Eating Disorder Updates

Hello Everyone! I am basically here to give a few updates on my subject of recovery. First off I have contacted Gordon Sinclair of the Winnipeg Free Press in my city to get my story out there which we did … Continue reading

Having a great salad!

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t felt like there was anything I really needed to post about until today when I was sitting here thinking and then it came to me, I love a great salad, why not post about my experiences of salads throughout my city?, you are probably asking yourself “why post about a salad?”, well because there are some of the same salads at different places and sometimes there is different salads you don’t see at any other place you probably go too. I have gone to many different locations through out the last few weeks where I have had disappointing salads and had great salads.

I am sure the salad I may have tried you may have liked but I will never recommend certain ones to anyone, and then there are the ones that I will tell others they need to go out of their way to try.

Lets take off to the time I went to Elephant & Castle a few weeks ago with a few others and tried their “Citrus Chicken Salad” which is done with a citrus ginger vinaigrette with a hoisin peanut sauce, that has got to be right now one of my favorite salads with a peanut sauce involved, but then just 2 weeks later I went back and tried their Wedge Salad which was a complete disappointment and needs to be taken off their menu in my opinion as soon as possible, the iceberg lettuce with the weak blu cheese dressing that is far to thin for it and the fact being everything almost fell to the bottom and made it bland, worst salad I’ve encountered this summer yet.

On to the next, lets get real here how many of us have ate at Boston Pizza? im sure about 75% of people reading this that are Canadian have and will end up going back because some of those specialty pizzas are to die for. I’ve actually tried a few of their salads over the years and every location can be different based on who is making the food, but recently I got a greek salad with extra olives and chicken and it was incredible, can’t really complain, its a generic salad that tasted great and I would recommend it if you like a good greek salad. (photo below)

Now that we have gone through those few locations lets move on to the Pembina location of Pony Corral based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am stressing to you and anyone else you know to check out the patio of this location because it is wonderful and I will be forever returning, I went one weekend with my mother and tried their Gyro with a greek salad which was lovely and then just had to go back the next weekend and just got the greek salad with added chicken and my goodness will I ever be back for that one, it was a large portion size, great tasting and the fact being they had live music on the patio with a fabulous glass of wine just made it all the better and worth the money. (photo below)

The next location I am about to speak of is called State & Main, it is located in the Kildonan Place Mall but also has a patio and when I first arrived I was stuck on what to order, but decided to try their Thai salad and for myself personally it was horrible it was bedded with rice noodles which I didn’t really expect considering it said “tossed”, and the vingerette dressing to go with that was bland, at least they were kind enough to take it back and bring me back a salad I would maybe prefer over it, which I believe it was a manager that came over and even said “its one of those salads you either love or you hate” well I hated it. The next salad I decided to get was the Sirloin salad and it has got to be hands down the best Sirloin salad I have ever had, the steak was cooked to perfection and everything blended so well together, the grilled mushrooms were the best touch. I have tried a few different Sirloin salads in different restaurants and this is by far the best, I will be back not just because of the salad but how great the service was and how kind they were to my dislike of the first salad.

 At this point in my journey of trying all the best salads I can through out my city, I think it safe to say you can ask me where to get the best salads.

Enjoy, xoxo