5 Month Update; August 2017

It’s been since March 2017 that I have even made a post in my blog, maybe because I haven’t overly felt the need to make a post and a slight lack of motivation to make one.

It’s crazy to know how much has gone on in only a short period of months, and we are 6 months through the new year and the summer is almost gone for us but I can easily say so much has happened over the time I’ve spent away from my blog and those that are in my everyday life are aware of all that’s gone on but I felt like I should maybe give a little update as I don’t want to just abandon my own blog.

As of June 2017 I finished a years worth of therapy, STAT Program (For my BPD), moved out of a toxic living situation,  applied for College programs as well other work training programs, I’ve lost friendships I never thought I would & gained ones I never expected and at the end of this year I know I’m going to be proud of how far I’ve come just like I am now.

There use to be a time in my life where I thought I would never overcome the past trauma I once went through, and sometimes still go through but it’s amazing to see the progress I’ve made through everything I’ve done to take care of myself mentally, physically & emotionally, and the amount of confidence, self respect & love I have for myself now compared to 2 years ago just blows my mind because if I can do it, anyone can do it but it takes a lot of patience, understanding, & a level of self discipline.
You need to really know your self worth when making a choice to protect & love yourself first because if you don’t, you will just have people walk all over you and keep you down in the same spot you have always been in.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, the most confident I have ever been, and it’s crazy to know that whatever is thrown at me I know how to deal with the situation in a healthier way because of the steps I took to improve my mental health.  We all have our bad days, we all have our moments of sadness & depression, anxiety, panic attacks, but its all how we deal with it, and if you have the proper skills to cope you can overcome it.

From BPD, Eating Disorders, Past sexual abuse & abuse in general, Anxiety, Panic attacks to where I am now, I can easily say life gets less complicated as you get older and if you are willing to recognize your issues and wanting to help yourself you can do whatever your mind is set too.

Don’t allow your past to keep you from enjoying your present, and don’t allow your anxiety to stop you from enjoying your present because we are here now, and not there in the future.

XOXO Kendra

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