Being 29 years old: Lets be real.

At 29 years old with where I am and who I have slowly grown into over the years is someone I can honestly say I am proud of, I love myself, and it took me until this age to really be able to say I openly love myself, my body, my personality, my mental illness, my strength, my passion and my drive. This is who I am, and most people won’t ever know who I am deeply inside but life can change for everyone, you can grow, you can really count on just yourself, because when you are comfortable with your independence, your journey and yourself as a whole that is when you know that you truly love yourself forever.

Who ever said getting older was terrible was wrong, because the only thing I’ve learned from getting older is that things start to just make sense, and you really start to focus on you, and those close around you and the physical number of friends you have isn’t what’s important, but the close & few friendships are the most important.

I use to say that the day I would turn 30 I would cry because I didn’t want to be 30, it was always talked out to be a terrible thing getting older, but I am only 29 and I can’t wait till my 30th because I’m going to go hard, and I am going to live everyday the way I want too and continue not caring what others think they know of me or judge me based off my past which isn’t any longer who I am.

We all grow, change, learn new things about ourselves, get into things we once weren’t into, we all slowly fall into the path that is our journey and purpose.

What I’ve learned is life gets less complicated as we get  older.



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