Turning the Pages: Part 2

Last time I spoke about how alone I have felt, how I came to a point of wanting to end it all because I didn’t know where I stood in my own life, and of course that is hard for anyone to read about.  I would like to say this has been some of the hardest times for me the past few months but I would be lying because I have been through so many things that only a select few know about, and I am okay with that because that really helps me remember that things could be worse off.

I am currently not working, and have been advised to not go back to work still, which puts me in this situation of having to rely on Government help, which for me makes me feel even worse about myself, because I do not feel like I am contributing to society if I am not working, but then there comes the times where my therapist helps put everything into perspective and then it just seems to make sense.

I understand that some people may not understand the journey I have been going through with everything including my mental illness and the choices/decisions that I have to make for myself, but when you are mentally unhealthy and know you need to work on certain areas in order to strive more in later life then you just need to do what is best for you and not what others are judging you for, or saying about you.

Who ever you are, what ever you are currently dealing with or have, remember that you are worthy of everything great in life and working towards something like a healthier mind is just as important as anyone’s decision to take time off work for what ever personal health reason/issue they are having.








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