Turning The Pages; Part 1.

There was a moment in my life a couple months back where I found myself walking towards the river wanting to jump and end it all because I felt so worthless, alone, and a failure, I made the choice though to reach out to my best friend while walking to said spot, she helped me stop myself before I made a rash choice to end it all because I FELT like I was nothing more than a spec of dust in the air.

Sometime’s it is hard for us to realize in the moment what we truly are here for in life, and in all reality the smallest thing like its your life should be enough reason to live. You are not alone, we as people that struggle so much from mental illness are some of the strongest of people and with our voices we can help remind others they are not alone, you are not alone, I am not alone, and the most important relationship will be with yourself, but surround yourself with those that are caring, loving & understanding because everyone needs that in their life.

I have decided to do a series of entries under the title of “Turning The Pages”, this is to symbolize my journey through recovery at this time with mental illness in general (From eating disorders to anxiety, depression, etc). I am going to try my best to make every entry end with a positive note. Welcome to my continued journey through life as we know it.  – Kendra aka Tinydancerxox


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