Living with BPD; STAT Program

Good evening my friends,

I want to thank everyone that took the time to read my last blog post, I am happy to see people are at least reading it that maybe I can get some sort of voice out there about the struggle of living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Today I went and seen the therapist at the Health Science Centre (in Winnipeg, Manitoba), and it went really well, it felt extremely good to let out all the things that have been on my mind the past 2 months and have someone actually understand exactly what I was going through and the things I felt, I was of course told I shouldn’t put myself down like I was pointed out doing during our talk which made me realize just how hard I really am on myself but I guess I try to push myself so hard everyday that I really don’t realize the negative things I am always saying to myself.

It has come to my realization that I will not be working the rest of 2016 and it is time to focus all my attention on finally fully learning how to cope properly with my illness, I have learned a lot over of the years and I have done a lot to improve myself & my life style but there are so many things that still need to be learned.

I spoke about how BPD is an illness that gets labeled as this demonizing illness in my last blog, when in fact its far from that, the fact is that people that suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder suffer from a very serious illness that pretty much intensifies the persons emotions, so whatever emotion you feel x that by 1000 more and you have someone who may suffer everyday with the illness & of course other things that come with the illness such as a temper/anxiety/depression/panic attacks/drug&alcohol abuse, etc.

Always remember that every one’s struggle & journey with any mental illness is not going to be the same as the next person that may have a mental illness.  It also doesn’t mean we are going to manipulate you or cause your life to be a living hell like some of these articles out there make some feel it will. In order to really be there for someone who suffers from really any mental illness is to be patient, understanding, be open to learning and be able to set boundaries with that said person depending on the diagnoses.

Within the next 2 months I will be entering a 5 week intensive treatment program called “STAT Program” at my local hospital and it has some background with DBT Therapy but they have created their own intense modules to help those with any personality/mood disorder.   I am at this point looking forward to this program and keeping my heart open for more of my life’s journey.

I will be posting when I feel I want to be open about how my journey is going but just please remember, lets fight the stigma surrounding all mental illness/disabilities.


Kendra aka tinydancerxox



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