I once felt worthless, no longer.

There was a moment in life where I became aware that what we were was just all fake, I came to the point that I felt stuck because no matter what you always came back to suck me in.

I feel very bad for the way I treated you through our relationship,

sometimes it was hard, and I am sorry for that, but I am not sorry for how I treated you back over the years, because if you could just sit for one minute you would realize the amount of pain you put me through and know how many seen it ALL, except those stupid friends who took your side while I tried so hard to make your ass happy bullied me to the point that I felt I could never recover around YOU or THEM.
 Your apologizes are empty, your empathy was fake
you never cared and thats why you betrayed me the way you did
And while I laid stomach down
and you ripped my pants apart
you didnt care about me
and when you told me i wanted it
you didnt care about me
because i was out cold
but this wasnt ever the first time you got away with doing what you did
and i woke up wondering why i felt like my world had come crashin down
until there was someone who broke it down for me
and I realized that you were just using me
and you told me that i was just an object
that you just didnt love me,
after 5 years of breaking my heart
you abused me
and you want to be free
but why am I still the one dying here?
– By Kendra Fifi
” I once felt worthless for the way I was treated, I felt misunderstood, he didn’t want to understand, he just wanted me for his own ways, and he didn’t really want me to love, it was all a lie to him, he can tell you differently if you know him, but by the end of “us” I knew he just kept coming back for the sex, and I was so shattered till I found recovery, I wasnt ready till I was ready to start recovering from everything else, I can only wish for a happier ending then the beginning”- Kendra Fifi

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