Week 4 Update: Never Giving Up

Happy Sunday folks and welcome to my week 4 update.

I am sure you can see I haven’t posted since my week 1 update, and thats mostly because I was an emotional mess from stress and struggling through the first few weeks. I am happy to say things are a good 50% better than they were the past 2 weeks which is a great improvement. I am finding it easier as days go on where I find the things I love to take up my time (Coping Strategies) instead of sitting isolated for an entire day doing what I did best, binging & purging. I am grateful for the family & friends I do have there for me because without them I would have been more of a mess and even though I find it hard opening up to many people (who I don’t know) I’m slowly learning that I can trust people and not everyone is out to get me.

I am happy I finally feel energetic again, instead of always feeling so weak & sick, because now I can do the things I’ve always wanted and the things I gave up over the years because the sickness took over instead. I have started doing yoga by myself which has been great, and very calming to my high anxiety as well helps me maintain my healthy ways, I prefer doing it alone than within a group of people and of course if you know me, you know I love to bike and I’ve been doing lots of biking.

I always find it somewhat awkward when people ask “so how are you doing?” meaning their asking how my battle with recovery is going, and I sometimes get flustered on what to say, I can’t say great, because that would be a lie, and its not an easy process I’ve been going through (or anyone going through this), with the stress of money and negative peopleI ‘ve kept in my life for to long, but I am making the steps to not worry about that money, and remove all those that are unhealthy to my life.

I may have gave up last time in 2012, but I am not giving up this time, because I’m breaking up with “ED” finally.

I am happy to feel alive again.



The greatest decisions I ever made were to part my self from my past, allow those who bring negative things to my life go, and really to find my inner peace because I won’t always be happy, but to always feel at peace is a real goal.”- Kendra Fifi




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