Week 1 Update: June 1st- June 7th 2015.

Good day beautiful people, I am here with my week 1 update while being in the HSC Program 🙂

This was a pretty exhausting week in general, mostly because of the struggle & emotions that I felt and dealt with! The first 2 days were incredibly depressing times for me and I slipped tuesday where I made some bad choices but was able to pick myself back up Wednesday and go back to program with a whole new thought process of fighting ED and the rest of the week up till friday generally went great! I also got close with the girls in program which is great because they are my biggest support group and their all beautiful and caring. This weekend was my first weekend not eating with the hospital which Friday was fine for dinner as I ate with a friend but Saturday seemed to be a triggering morning with sleeping in far to late cause I’ve been so tired and then some other issues happened that seemed to put me in a short spiral of a binge & purge, but I was able to open up to a friend where I pulled myself back into reality and did some Self Care things then left the house to go spend time with my father and the rest of my weekend went generally great from there on!

Saturday may have been hard, but i certainly didnt let one slip ruin my entire day or weekend and I was great with my dad! We went to a goldeyes game (baseball game) which was so extremely fun and I even challenged myself to eat fast food which I had Taco Time.

Sunday, which is today was a bit hard in the morning due to being hungover lol, but I ate my breakfast mindfully and then had lunch later on with a friend which went well. I am now here by myself and will be enjoying my first dinner by myself which causes some nervous feelings and anxiety but I have my supports and I will do my mechnical eating and fight “ED”, because I have no other option than to fight back at the thoughts.

Below I will put some photos from my weekend, I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading, I was not overly feeling like writing but felt it would be necessary. Remember that if you are fighting for your life against this diease that even if you slip you can pick yourself up and stick to your mechnical eating which will set you back on track.


Below there are photos from the baseball game I attended with my dad this weekend, as well there are photos of my ideas and snacks I made for evening snacks after program is done for the day, these are all things I am doing to slowly get myself comfortable, I do not keep anything at home except my snacks right now as I know I am not ready for certain steps but with time i will be :).




Snack Idea




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