As days get closer; Update

Good evening beautiful people,

Well I am here to bring you another small update, I have 3 more shifts left at my job before I take my sick leave for 3 months to enter my outpatient program at the HSC (Health Science Center) and I wanted to give a bit of an update before I go full force on my blog, as much as I can that is.

Currently I have been trying everyday to fight any of ED’s thoughts & behaviors (Eating disorder), It has been extremely difficult, some days are far better than others especially if i am with people I am comfortable around, but I have very bad days with him but I am staying as positive as I can everyday even with the stress at work. I feel positive that the outpatient program will be a great success but I know I will have to work extremely hard at changing the way my mind works, thinks and learning to be more body positive about myself.

I will be officially done work on Friday May 29th, 2015 but will be actually done on Wednesday May 27th, 2015 as I have many hospital appointments between the two days that I have used as vacation days to still get paid for. My appointments next week will consist of a meeting with the dietitian of the Eating Disorder Program, as well there will be a family meeting which my grandparents and sister will be attending but as far as I know I will not actually be in the room with them, then I also have a meeting with my Nurse Therapist who I have already had a few meetings with in the last few weeks, I will be meeting the group that I will be in the program with as well learning about all the programs they now have as they have changed a bit since I was in them in 2012.

I have been a bundle of emotions the past month, from the article being posted, to trying to figure out work leave, money and much more. I have gone from depressed to more positive over the days that I can fight this, I have joined multiple online groups for support and reading the stories of others that have beat this, I cant lie though, I am extremely nervous and scared and I know its going to be a roller coaster of emotions over the next few months, but this time I am stronger than before and ready.

During the time in my program I will be trying to update my blog once weekly to keep others informed as well it is for outlet for self expression. I have many goals to come in the next year and more, I don’t want to say what because I don’t want to say them and fail but I can only hope for the best and keep those that care informed around me.

Cheers to a beautiful weekend, and here is to staying positive no matter what we are all going through.

Much Love,


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