Eating Disorder Updates

Hello Everyone!

I am basically here to give a few updates on my subject of recovery.
First off I have contacted Gordon Sinclair of the Winnipeg Free Press in my city to get my story out there which we did an interview last night and will be meeting up once more, so it is looking that I will get my story out there in some way other than through my online social media accounts & blogs.

The next thing is I had my hospital intake meeting today which I will offically be entering treatment for 12 weeks starting June 1st and will be in the outpatient program that runs Monday to Friday; (Monday to Thursday 8am-6pm & Friday 8am-2pm).

I will be blogging more frequently when I have entered the treatment and hopefully I can also make more videos on my youtube with time.

If you haven’t please check out the rest of my links down below.

Thank you,



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