Steak Fingers Recipe

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to post a quick recipe I came across searching the web, except I didn’t really follow the orignal recipe that I found to the dot. Tonight I decided to try out Steak Fingers because taking Customer Service calls for the states I’ve heard quit a bit about them and never heard of them before that.

What you will need

+Canola Oil
+Tenderized beef round steaks
+ 1 cup of flour
+ 1/2 cup of milk
+  2 eggs
+  salt & pepper (to your taste)
+ any seasoning you wish
(I used a bit of seasoning salt and lemon pepper salt)

You will need to mix your eggs in one bowl, and then mix your flour and spices in another.
Simply dip your steak strips in the egg then the flour, after that you will want to cook till golden brown on each side.


 Enjoy xox,


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